Alamo Beer Company Finishes New Building With Solar

The hot sun is helping brew cold beers in Texas.  The Alamo Beer Company just opened a new $8 million dollar plant and finished it off with their logo in solar panels.  We love this approach --why not advertise and power at the same time?  While it is probably not the first, it is one of the first of its kind in the world (just talked about a Mickey Mouse shaped installation that went up in Florida over on our Facebook page), but great to see more of these, especially one like this that looks so good from the air!  Here's an excerpt:

Solar-powered breweries may not be unique in this era of alternative energy, but you can win a barroom bet that there's just one under the Texas sun with reflective rooftop panels shaped like the Alamo.

Alamo Beer Co., of San Antonio, won the distinction in March when it opened an $8 million plant in the city's historic east downtown area.

The brewery includes an 1,800 square foot beer hall and beer garden about half a mile from the original shrine to Texas independence.

Its most distinguishing feature is on the roof - a custom solar array that includes a lone star-shaped solar panel in the middle.

“That’s what really makes it different,” said Patrick Attwater, CEO of One80 Solar, which installed the array and specializes in commercial work. “The star in the middle turns it into a piece of art.

"This is unique, even for us,” he said. “It’s the only one in the world that’s shaped like something identifiable.”

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