Google Sunroof - Shows How Solar Pays

A new Google venture is making discovering the solar potential of your home or business easier than ever.  The bottom line is that Google is showing everyone what people on the front lines of solar already know: solar is economically viable, especially for most businesses. Here's an excerpt.  

In the wake of Google’s enormous corporate restructuring under theAlphabet label, Google has announced its latest non-search-related venture: Google Sunroof. Rather than a direct hardware rollout like the Fiber internet startup, Sunroof is purely about outreach: if you don’t believe that solar power could improve your life, sunroof could show you the light. Currently only available in Boston, Silicon Valley, and the Fresno area, it could soon analyze the solar potential of every home in the country.

What sets solar power apart from other next-gen power offerings is that there will not be any one particular Eureka! moment, before which the human race had Bad Power, and after which it had Good Power. Such a hypothetical moment exists for fusion power, and geothermal, and even truly next-next-gen nuclear — but solar power wants to make ever-more-efficient use of a supply of energy that’s already abundant and available. The challenge isn’t so much inventing the perfect solar cell, as distributing a large enough number of good-enough cells, then slowly upgrading that infrastructure over time.

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