Is Tesla Powerwall Solution to Future Power Outages?

Interesting story on solar battery technology, the rapid pace of change in the market and its possible effect on big events like the SA power outage.  Here's an excerpt:

How many Tesla Powerwall 2 or similar household storage batteries would South Australia have needed to avert its latest power outage?

About 100,000 would have covered the loss of 220 megawatts that went AWOL for five or six hours in South Australia early last Thursday. The combined cost would be about $1 billion. 

Of course, they would have had to be in the right places - and there are unlikely to be anywhere near that number of households and companies in the northern part of the state where BHP Billiton's Olympic Dam mine was left without power.

Still, the back-of-the-envelope calculation underlines just how swiftly battery technology and pricing is moving - and how carefully Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg will have to tread with his plan to raise fixed network charges to recover more of their cost from solar-battery households so as not to leave non-solar households clutching the bill.

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