Atrium Shopping Centre in Tamworth Goes Solar and Slashes Power Bills

Here's a great story on a solar project we were involved in.  Bruce Read of Atrium really understands what solar power and intelligent power management can achieve.  The story is well worth a read, especially for those of you still on the fence about what solar can save your business.  Here is an excerpt:

THE Atrium Shopping Centre has flipped the switch on its new solar power system, the last stage in a five-year process it has undertaken to reduce its carbon emissions and costs.

Manager Bruce Read says it is the first shopping centre in NSW to take these measures, which have already halved its power bill.

He expects the savings to balance his investment within three years, and the centre to offset more than 3200 tonnes of carbon emissions during the 30-year lifespan of the solar power system.

Mr Read said a new five-step power plan was developed in 2009, the year the Atrium was completely refurbished.

It included a power audit that identified how, when and where the centre used electricity, and replacing all the common-area metal halide and fluoro lighting with LED lights.

The installation of the 288-panel solar power system was the final phase, and it is expected to produce 125 megawatt hours per year.

Read the rest of the story here.