Vast Majority of Australians In Favour of Solar

If there were any doubts about where Australians stood with respect to solar energy, this story should put them to rest.  Should be seeing a lot more of these solar car parks all across Australia in the near future:

Among all energy sources, solar energy is the most popular among Australians at 84 percent, according to the Climate Institute’s annual review of public attitudes on climate change and its solutions. Solar power was followed by wind (69 percent) and hydro (47 percent).

In contrast, there was a 7 percent drop in preference for gas from a year ago to 21 percent from 28 percent and also 7 percent decline for nuclear to 13 percent from 20 percent. Solar and wind logged 2 percent and 5 percent, respectively, increases in preference from the past 12 months.

Residential solar power is quickly gaining ground in the country, thanks to the distribution of rooftop solar photovoltaic systems, which have pretty steep initial costs yet lower electricity consumption in the long run.

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