Battery-Powered Australians Unplugging From The Grid

Here's a really good piece from Angela Macdonald-Smith, the energy reporter for Fairfax.  It's all about how people are frustrated with high electricity prices and are now pulling the plug on grid power because of the revolution in solar battery powered systems.  Would be great to see a commercial angle on this development as well, especially given that while the reasons for going off-grid with battery are pretty emotive at this point (though getting close to market viability for many, and in some cases, definitely market viable if a new homestead has to hook up to the grid), commercial solar is already there for businesses --especially with creative generating modes like solar car parks.  Here's an excerpt from the story --great to hear the solar battery buyer's honesty about how network electricity costs make you feel:

When Jane Whiltsher used to open her power bill it grated.

"I always felt that I was being ripped off," she says.

"It's just the way they operate. It keeps going up and up."

Two months after having a rooftop solar and battery system installed, it's a different story.

Whiltsher's bill has more than halved. She enjoys the novelty of watching her "new toy" transforming the flow of energy around her house, leaving her largely independent of the wires outside.

At approaching $40,000, it hasn't been a cheap investment. But that's not the point.

"As far as I am concerned if it takes me off the grid then it's paid for itself already," she says.

Whiltsher's enthusiasm to invest hard-earned cash for a home power system that may take as long as 12 years to pay for itself is being echoed around the country as Australians race to install batteries.

You can read the rest of the story here.