Smart Commercial Solar Talks CEFC With The Fifth Estate

Solar is doing just fine, thank you.

Solar is doing just fine, thank you.

Was recently interviewed by The Fifth Estate about CEFC and made some points about commercial solar landscape shifts.  The main point is that solar is now indisputably commercially viable. Solar is here to stay and grow, no matter what solar energy uncertainties are created by government policy.  We will likely see the solar market continue to grow in confidence as a result of ongoing innovations and this viability as an energy source.  Here is an excerpt from the story:

The federal government’s proposal to ban the Clean Energy Finance Corporation from investing in wind power or rooftop solar projects has stirred outrage among many supporters. However, not everyone in the rooftop solar game sees the policy as cause for gloom, even as it raises questions about anti-competitive policy shifts.

Founder of Smart Commercial Solar Huon Hoogesteger described it as “an interesting move”, especially given the timing of the proposed mandate. It came just a week after Origin Energy gained a $100 million loan from the CEFC to fund domestic and small business rooftop solar installations under power purchase agreements with individual customers.

Mr Hoogesteger suggested that Origin gaining the competitive finance might put other major retailers such as AGL and Energy Australia at a commercial disadvantage, as they may no longer be able to obtain a similar deal.

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