Solar Panel Pain For Pensioners?

As if we needed more evidence of how many Australians want solar, and how the solar appetite in the market is incredibly strong, despite uncertainty around regulations, funding, etc., here's a story about how pensioners have embraced solar.  It's framed in an article about how recent government moves seem to be putting some projects in jeopardy, but what it really speaks to is how open the market is to solar.  It also suggests that the no capex model behind our PayG is widely applicable.  Here's an excerpt:

"The local council offered to cover the installation and let me pay it off through the rates over 10 years. So it worked out very nicely for me."

But a controversial Abbott government move means thousands of other low- and middle-income Australians may not see the same benefits.

It has directed the Clean Energy Finance Corporation not to fund wind or household solar projects, saying the money should be spent on less developed renewable energy ventures.

Mr Owen is one of almost 300 pensioners to benefit from the solar project, which was funded by Darebin Council. However, not all councils can afford the up-front costs, and the corporation was considering financing similar schemes through other councils.

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