Renew Economy: Solar and Battery Storage Already Cheaper Than Conventional In Australia

Pretty compelling stuff in this article from Renew Economy on the commercial viability of solar.  According to an analyst from Bloomberg, solar and battery storage is already economically ahead in Australia.  It's good to see numbers being put behind the solar realities, and commercial solar realities, we are encountering every day.  Here is an excerpt from the story:

Australian consumers can already install significant amounts of rooftop solar and battery storage at a cost that is cheaper than electricity from the grid, and the uptake of these two technologies is likely to be “unstoppable.”

This forecast came from Kobad Bhavnagri, the head of Bloomberg New Energy Finance in Australia, while outlining the reasons for the groups bullish forecasts, which predict 33GWh of battery storage and 37GW of solar PV in Australia by 2040.

“Solar and battery storage is simply unstoppable,” Bhavnagri said. He used this graph (above) to illustrate why.

Read the rest of the story here.