More Government Solar Funding News

This week has seen a raft of solar news starting Monday with an article in The Sydney Morning Herald about the Federal government seeking to close the door on funding to big solar projects.  That link here.

Then there was this story about ARENA planning to pour money into alternative energy.  Looks very large scale solar which as we've flagged before is great but maybe not as great as hyper local solar generation from business and residential rooftops.  Solar is viable and may not need as much, or even any, government support, but what solar does need is a shift to seeing it for what it is, a business necessity in the face of uncertain energy costs.  Here is an excerpt

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the $1.1 billion federal body devoted to supporting new clean energy technologies, plans to pour a further $80-$100 million to support a near-doubling of large-scale solar energy capacity in the country.

ARENA, which the Abbott government sought to abolish but was blocked in the Senate, plans to open a round of bidding for the 200 megawatt-capacity of solar farms in September as the agency narrows its research priorities. 

The current capacity of large-scale solar plants already built or under construction totals 241MW (see chart), the agency said, adding that the amount "is well behind the installed capacity of comparable international markets".

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