Is Solar Power A Threat To Network Power?

This article by Ross Kelly in The Wall Street Journal is well worth a read.  It suggests that solar as well as the revolution in battery power is putting the future of network power in serious doubt in Australia.  It confirms what we've been seeing in terms of the pace of commercial interest in the solar market.  And we are expecting a lot more solar interest from all sectors given the economics of solar in our country which makes it increasingly viable for businesses and individuals.  Here's an excerpt:

Solar Boom Raises Doubts on Sale of Australia Power Assets

SYDNEY—When bidders crunch the numbers on a looming US$20 billion auction of Australian power assets in one of the world’s biggest privatizations of this year, they would do well to cast their eyes upward—to the tops of apartment blocks and factories.
Business for fitters of rooftop solar panels in eastern Australia, where the sale is to take place, is flourishing as more households and companies choose to generate their own power rather than relying entirely on electricity from the grid.
While solar remains a small part of the nation’s energy mix, accounting for about 2% of electricity output, the industry’s growth in recent years is casting a shadow over the impending auction of power assets in Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales.
Demand for solar power began stirring around eight years ago, when expensive upgrades to the grid jacked up electricity bills while rooftop-panel prices were falling. The market has continued to grow despite easing in late 2010, when the state government started slashing generous subsidies for people who sold solar power back into the grid.

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