Solar Panel Pricing And Australian Solar Uptake


This one's from Forbes magazine and is a little surprising: Solar panel pricing have experienced a price rise in Europe.  A surprise, but this definitely does not apply to what we are seeing in Australia where panels continue to get less expensive and solar systems more and more viable for business.  What's more interesting is the image above that shows that Australia, the sun-drenched country, still doesn't rate in terms of overall uptake.  It's pretty clear, we are still at the start of our solar journey.  Here's an excerpt:

The average price of a solar panel in Europe is doing something it hasn’t done in years. It is rising.

Prices for solar panels in the European spot market have risen by about 6% so far this year, according to pvXchange, a solar market consultancy based in Bremen, Germany.

Despite its modest size, the uptick in prices represents an abrupt reversal of recent historical trends. In 2011, the average price of a solar panel in Europe fell by nearly one third compared to the previous year. In 2012, solar panel prices in Europe plunged by nearly another third. Indeed, just last year, the price of a solar panel in Europe fell by more than 14% compared to the previous year.

The reason for the rise in prices is almost certainly tied to the escalating trade war between Europe and China over alleged dumping of solar imports.

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