The Fifth Estate: Research project to build level playing field for local energy consumers


An interesting project reported by The Fifth Estate, the more energy usage data the better:

BRIEF – A new research project aims to improve the economics of local energy generation for Australian consumers.

The University of Technology Sydney has announced it will conduct trials of Virtual Net Metering and Local Network Charges at five sites in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

The research conducted by the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS has received $250,000 in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

Virtual Net Metering allows consumers to reduce their electricity bill by generating electricity at one site and using it at another site. Local Network Charges are tariffs for electricity generation that only use part of the network and in many cases could reduce the network charge portion of electricity bills for local generation.

Project Director Jay Rutovitz said his team would  investigate how market changes could help consumers and businesses benefit from local generation by providing alternatives for customers who might otherwise choose to disconnect from the grid or use “behind the meter” options.

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