When Will Australia Catch Up With The Solar Glass Revolution?

Wondering when Australia will catch up with the solar glass revolution.  Solar glass is transforming the way architects and builders think about windows and energy consumption around the world, but haven't seen much evidence of it in our market.  Turkey just made the move to solar glass in the headquarters of a major building.  Here's the excerpt:

The new Bursagaz office building will have a unique photovoltaic glazing façade - Bursagaz, one of the most important Turkish gas companies, will have a new headquarter which is aiming to obtain the LEED Gold rating.    

Onyx Solar is responsible of developingoriginality in the design by superimposing a mosaic double skin onto the façade. The glass, featuring crystalline silicon, will have 20% transparency, allowing homogeneous light into the building and reducing the need of artificial lighting.

Read a little more here.   Here are some great images of just what solar glass can look like.  Hard to believe you're basically looking at a power plant when you look at some of these pictures!

Would love to see solar glass and the implications for architects and builders on the pages of some of our leading Architecture and Design outlets like www.architectureanddesign.com.au and www.architecturemedia.com ... And would be happy to talk about solar, whether solar glass or solar carparks,with them at any time.