Solar Battery Storage Wars Coming?

Interesting piece in The Sydney Morning Herald looking at a potential shakeup on the horizon for solar battery storage.  Nice to see our friends at Enphase mentioned around their new offering and market insights.  Things are definitely changing with respect to the storage question, but still not clear how this will play out in Australia.  One thing is certain, solar will be at the centre of whatever, and while the battery question may start figuring into system design sooner than we think, the case for solar installation for business will only be getting stronger no matter how quickly the solar battery revolution happens.  Here's an excerpt from the story:

The battery-storage wars are breaking out, with Australia in the thick of it. Tesla, while the highest profile, will not be short of combatants.

The mass popularity of rooftop solar – more than a third of Queensland houses have solar PV – and the way people pay for the power make Australia a much more attractive market than the United States.

Raghu Belur, co-founder of Silicon Valley start-up Enphase Energy, which will launch its home battery in Australia in early 2016, points to the wide gap between the typical "feed-in" tariff that a household in Australia will receive for its excess solar power and the price of power from the grid.

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