Grattan Followup - Giles Parkinson Makes Some Critical Solar Points

Giles Parkinson has delivered two powerful and thoughtful responses to the Grattan Report on solar that we talked about earlier this week.  Parkinson digs into the thinking around solar and points out possible errors in the thinking --the bottom line, solar is becoming a dominant energy player very quickly and its shaking up the market and the established players.  That any question marks hang over solar --either residential or commercial-- in this country is getting harder and harder to believe.

Parkinson wrote up his solar views both in The Guardian (here) and on his on site RenewEconomy (here). Worth a read -- pretty much the same article, but there are some nice graphs on RenewEconomy!  Here's an excerpt. 

Oh dear. Here we go again. The solar industry is clearly winning the battle to turn the global electricity industry upside down and inside out. The plunging cost of battery storage will accelerate that process. It’s just that some people have a hard time accepting it.

The latest big headlines are from the Grattan Institute, which wrote in a reportthat the economic costs of rooftop solar outweighed the benefits by $9bn. When you actually look at the numbers, they’re a witch’s brew of mistaken assumptions and omissions.

Let’s start with that $9bn figure. The Grattan argues that the cost of solar PV ($18bn) overwhelms the benefits ($9bn, mostly in avoided grid costs, and a little in avoided emissions). It further suggests that individual households are getting little bang for their buck from their individual systems