Grattan Institute Report Shows Money Better Spent On Commercial Solar

Really interesting findings from the Grattan Institute report on residential versus commercial government spend on solar.  It makes a very strong case for commercial solar spending -- see below.

Here's an excerpt:

The cost of installing and maintaining more than one million household solar power systems has outweighed their benefit by more than $9 billion, a new report has found.

And by the time generous federal and state government subsidies run out, households without solar will have subsidised those that have made the switch to the tune of $14 billion.

The Grattan Institute report, to be published Monday, says government incentives and rebates that have encouraged the uptake of household solar have "created a policy mess that should never be repeated".

It argues Australia could have reduced greenhouse gas emissions for much less money if governments had focused more on commercial and large-scale solar power, instead of household subsidies.

"We've got the highest percentage of households in the world [with solar PV] because we've targeted our subsidies at households whereas other countries targeted the commercial sector," Grattan Institute energy program chief Tony Wood said.

"We'd be better off if that was where we were going."

Here's the whole story.