Sunshine Coast's Solar Campaign Shows Solar Has Political Clout

The Sunshine Coast is getting ready to launch a solar power campaign in Nambour on April 29th. It's worth noting that this kind of action is showing the political power of solar users in Australia -- it's mainstream and crosses party lines.

Here is an excerpt from the article: 

A ground-breaking campaign in support of solar power will be launched on the Sunshine Coast later this month.

Stand Up For Solar is a Solar Citizens' national campaign that will be launched in Nambour on April 29.

The national goal is to have at least 50% solar and renewable electricity generation by 2030, an end to unfair fees for solar owners and to help all Australians with the rising cost of electricity bills.

"There are more than 52,878 homes on the Sunshine Coast with solar rooftops. Clearly the people of the Sunshine Coast love solar and want to see Clive Palmer, Mal Brough and Warren Truss protect it," said organiser Terry Vertigan

"The people of the Sunshine Coast recognise the many benefits of solar including lower power bills, clean energy and thousands of solid Australian jobs. We're demanding a long term vision for expanded solar and renewable energy." 

Solar Citizens national director Claire O'Rourke said the Stand Up For Solar forums were being held in communities  across Australia to show our politicians that people wanted them to keep their promises and ensure a strong solar and renewable energy future.

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