Finland Goes Solar --Regardless of Dark Winter Months

Finland is advancing its solar usage by constructing a new solar power plant in Oulu. The city is known for its very cold conditions and little sunlight during winter, but solar experts cite how the city will be generating solar energy during the long summer days which deliver up to 20 hours of sunlight. Great to see people realising the potential in solar, despite some daunting geographical conditions -- just another example of how solar is now market proven.

Here is an excerpt: 

Finland is about to see its biggest solar power system constructed – and it will be installed in a region that receives very little sunlight during the winter months.

Finland’s national public-broadcasting company, YLE, reports the array will consist of 1,600 solar panels producing 420 kilowatts of power. It will be installed on the roof of printing plant in the city of Oulu.

At 420kW, it’s not huge by some standards, but marks the real start of the nation’s solar revolution and will help further cement Oulu’s reputation as a pioneer in the use of renewables.

During the winter months, Oulu only experiences 3.5 hours of sunlight per day in total – but in summer, this system will really crank; taking advantage of the region’s comparatively cool conditions and 20 hours per day of sunlight.

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