France Ups the Ante In Urban Solar Power Development

We are seeing the world shift gears and embrace solar as the next logical step. France has recently approved a law declaring it mandatory for every new building to install either solar panels or be partially covered in plants. The benefits of this new law are significant. As France clears the path to a smarter world, we can only hope that other countries will follow.  Australia, anyone?

Here is an excerpt:

The sky’s the limit under France’s new green rooftop law.

According to a new French law approved on Thursday, rooftops on new buildings in commercial zones across France must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels.

Green roofs, which cover rooftop space with a layer of grasses, shrubs, flowers, and other forms of flora, offer a number of benefits. They create an insulating effect, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building depending on the season. They increase local access to green space, which often comes at a premium in urban environments. They retain rainwater, thus decreasing runoff and any related drainage issues. They provide a space for urban wildlife, such as birds, to congregate and even nest, and they reduce air pollution by acting as natural filters.

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