Investor Says He Will Back "Paint-On" Solar Cell Technology

Solar innovation is always good to see.  This one is a long way off and might be bested by the continuing dramatic drops in solar panel pricing that is making solar ever more viable for business, but Alberto Chang-Rajii, one of Google's first investors back in 1996, has committed to backing Future Solar Technologies's new "paint-on" solar power innovation, along with a few other start-up projects. According to Chang-Rajii, this solar cell technology has the ability to reshape the solar energy industry as it can potentially turn every rooftop, window, car or even mobile phone into a solar energy generating platform. 

Here is an excerpt 

One of Google’s first investors and founder of $US1.8 billion ($2.36 billion) Chile-based private equity firm Grupo Arcano, has kicked off an Australian investment drive, which he said will reach $US100 million over the next two years, targeting various technology and biotechnology start-ups.

Alberto Chang-Rajii, who became one of Google’s first backers at Stanford University in 1996, has made Grupo Arcano’s first Aussie play with a University of New South Wales-based company called Future Solar Technologies, which is developing innovative technology to create “paint-on” solar cell technology.

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