Possible Installation of Solar Panels In Barcaldine Could Supply Thousands

The high quality of sun in Barcaldine, Queensland has encouraged two Spanish companies – Kingsway Europe SL and Elecnor Australia – to propose to install approximately 80,000 solar panels in the region early next year. According to the companies, this project will not only supply over 7,000 households with power, but it will also create 100 jobs and an impressive new tourist attraction.  While it's good to see big companies taking risks to build ambitious solar solutions since it underscores how strong the business case is, I wonder about whether this ultimately makes sense since it essentially still demands a power station to distributed network mentality --whereas the strongest argument for solar really is locally generated and consumed power.

Here is an excerpt 

Two Spanish companies want to build a massive solar farm near the central-western Queensland town of Barcaldine.

They said the relentlessly sunny conditions and the intensity of solar radiation in the region make it stand out as the perfect location to build what could become the state's largest solar farm.

At a public meeting in the town on Tuesday night, the proponents outlined their plans for a site on the town's eastern outskirts.

Kingsway Europe SL and Elecnor Australia have formed a company called Barcaldine Remote Community Solar Farm that would plan and develop the project.

Joseph de Pedro from Elecnor said once approvals and finance were in place they hoped to start building early next year.

"We are going to be installing approximately 80,000 panels. We have got here approximately 35 hectares, so about 80 per cent of this land is going to be covered with solar panels," he said.

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