70 MW Salvador Solar PV plant in Chile Completed -now looking for localised generation.

Two weeks ago we learned of the launch of a massive new solar plant in Chile.  70 megawatts will provide 70,000 households with power.  It's good news for solar in some respects, but it is also worth noting that all the big news stories around solar still seem to centre on giant plants that feed geographically distributed networks, where high costs and power loss is unavoidable. Looking forward to more stories about how local generation, roof tops and carparks, are generating huge amounts of power.  Stay tuned. 

Here is part of the article: 

Chilean Minister of Energy Máximo Pacheco and executives from Total and SunPower attended the inauguration event at El Salvador in Chile's Atacama Desert.

"As one of the world's largest operating solar merchant power plants, PV Salvador represents an important milestone for the electricity generation industry, proving that solar can provide wholesale power at competitive prices in completely unsubsidized MARKETS," said Bernard Clement, senior vice president, Total New Energies.

"With our affiliate SunPower, we are pleased to assist the Chilean government in its goal to diversify its energy mix and we look forward to further developing our solar activities in the country."

Here's the  full article to learn more about how the project was financed and about the site itself.