Church in the Phillippines Uses Solar Power Christmas Lights

Our Lady of Angles Parish Church in Atimonan of Quezon has taken up the fight against fossil fuels by decorating their patio with solar power Christmas lights. More than 200 solar power bulbs have been strung across the property to "show that there are other alternative sources of clean energy,” said the parish priest Msgr. Emmanuel Villareal. What a great way to incorporate clean energy into the celebration of the upcoming holidays --especially in places where electricity tends to be very expensive.  Here is an excerpt: 

The sparkling lights, which also lighted three narra trees, are powered by a newly installed off-grid 3.5-kilowatt solar system, which costs around P200,000. “The fund comes from the savings of the church,” Villareal said.

The off-grid solar system requires a battery to store energy collected from the sun for use at night as an alternative source of electricity.

The Catholic Diocese of Lucena and environmentalist groups are spearheading the “No to Coal” campaign against the proposed 1,200-megawatt, coal-fired power plant by Meralco PowerGen in an 80-hectare property in Barangay Villa Ibaba.

The local government has already approved the project in anticipation of more jobs for its constituents aside from a tax windfall expected from plant operations.

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