Solar-Powered Vehicles Race in World Solar Challenge

Almost 50 teams of universities and schools from across the world raced in the recently completed World Solar Challenge. The race determines which completely solar-powered vehicle is the best. While solar-powered vehicles are relatively new and in the developmental stage, the results were impressive. As reported by BBC News, the teams raced across Adelaide. Here’s an exerpt:

The university's Nuon Solar Team was the first to arrive at the finish line in Adelaide. The 3,000km (1,800 mile) race took four days to complete.

The race, which happens once every two years, started on Sunday in Darwin.

Nearly 50 teams from universities and schools around the world took part. Delft University had also won the last challenge in 2013.

The World Solar Challenge is aimed at promoting research on solar-powered cars which could become a consumer product one day.

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