Tesla, Volkswagen and the Future of Solar

As the world continues to become aware of the growing climate issue, car companies such as Tesla, have taken notice by creating more environmentally-friendly vehicles. In some cases, most notably Volkswagen, have attempted to piggyback on the sustainability trend by releasing misleading emissions figures. In a recent Business Spectator article, Alan Kohler spoke with Smart Commercial Solar about the potential for sustainable energy. Here’s an excerpt:

Meanwhile the CEO of an Australian startup called Smart Commercial Solar, Huon Hoogesteger, told me yesterday that solar power is now cheaper than the grid, over the life of the assets (his business sells solar panels to businesses on a five-year time payment plan, where he installs them for free, they pay for the power and own the assets in five years).

Hoogesteger said that Australian businesses, large and small, are now falling over themselves to convert to solar, not to get off the grid but simply to cut their energy bills.

Eventually batteries will enable businesses and households to leave the grid, but for the moment they are too expensive and don’t make commercial sense (although plenty of people are buying them anyway).

The world is changing, fast. Death spirals await those who can’t adapt.

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