Where to from here with Electric Cars in Australia?

With our recent launch of Macadamia Castle's groundbreaking solar carpark and charging station, we think it's worthwhile to look at how the Australian Electric Vehicle market is shaping up.  Admittedly, it's still very small.  Last year 1015 electric cars were sold in Australia.  But this is almost certainly going to change fast with Tesla's arrival on these shores, especially as the kind of infrastructure that will eliminate "range anxiety" (the fear of running out of juice in your electric vehicle) is built and innovation like solar carparks increasingly brings power costs down and makes the economic argument very strong.  See Tesla's charging station plan here.

Tesla's technology is going to change things because it re-imagines the electric car.  It's a car first and electric second.  The Tesla Model S can go from 0 to to 100km/h in as little as 3.4 seconds, and has a range of up to 502 kilometers.  Adequately distributed charging stations work at this range, and solar-based stations could offer even more flexibility and scope in terms of placement.  The Model S is well worth a visit the Tesla Website.  The Smart Commercial Solar team is looking forward to an imminent test drive.