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  • 20kW | Anytime Fitness
  • 100kW | Klasen Farm
  • 100kW | Food Emporium
  • 100kW | IGA Deniliquin
  • 200kW | Autumn Lodge
  • 740kW | Hillsong Church

Mike Dudley

Project development

  • Diploma of Management
  • Landmark | Adv. Communication

Mike is as professional as he is innately friendly. He has helped many people make good decisions and strives to help more.

Mike has worked in the solar industry for over 6 years, under both a consultative and a development role from residential to large scale projects. This means he's had exposure to a broad range of people and situations. This is reflected in his commitment to understand clients needs, from rural businesses to larger corporates entities.

He is responsible for the first 200kW to use Enphase micro inverters and this installation received international note from the solar industry.

His positivity and optimism is contagious, a necessary element in a team full of engineers. If you gave him $1Billion he'd help pay all his family and friends' debts, then invest the rest into solar projects.