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Iain McGregor


  • (B.A.Sc.) Environmental Science

Iain works from Port Macquarie in North NSW where he watches the ocean and national energy market with incredible clarity.

With a degree in Environmental Science and a talent to see pathways around obstacles, Iain has made a significant dent in the Australian solar industry. He has worked as an Energy Efficiency Consultant, developed projects for multiple solar companies. He developed the first 100kW on a club in NSW, the first McDonald’s in Australia and was a major collaborator in the creation of ClearSky Solar Investments.

Donating bone marrow and joining an ethical organisation mark highlights in Iains career. He is the pillar on which Smart Commercial Solar’s analysis department stands. He is passionate about the environment and makes an immense effort to impact positively on the world.

The bigger picture drives Iain, so if he was given $1Billion he would give nearly all of it away…but not tell his missus.