7 Sites

Total Project Size: 115kWp

Project Value: $250,000 Full system Value

Design: 456x Trina Solar 250W panels

456 x Enphase 215 Micro Inverters Various roof types

Estimated kWh/year: 149,000kWh

The City of Yarra, Victoria, have a goal to be carbon neutral. In part of their plan, solar power has been included to meet daytime usage of energy. In this project we analysed 20 available sites with day time usage, and narrowed the return on investment down to 9 applicable sites. 2 sites were unusable roof tops and we completed 7 sites in total, the crown jewel being the Richmond Town Hall, a heritage listed icon, with some interesting roof tops.

We used micro inverters to maximise output and performance, as all sites suffered from unusual roof tops, shade or difficult wiring considerations. In addition the added safety of AC from the roof down, and avoidance of the need for high DC voltages, means a longer life, panel level monitoring and exceptional performance.