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Anastasi Kotoros

Marketing manager

  • (B.A) Philosophy, Science & Technology in Society | UOW
  • Digital Marketing, Front End Web Development | GA

Anastasi found a passion for solar energy whilst studying Philosophy at Wollongong University. This was matched with a creative personality and the desire to give ethical organisations the joys of correct English.

He started his career at a commercial Solar PV installer with the mixed role of Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator. This involved branding, web development, and marketing strategies across multiple companies in two countries...all whilst developing the occasional commercial solar project. Learning that 'working in an ethical industry' doesn't mean 'working for an ethical company' he found a need to surround himself with experts.

Anastasi went on to join Smart Commercial Solar as Marketing Manager, where he sees an amazing opportunity to broadcast the message of a true industry leader.

If he's not falling into a deep discussion about the ethical ramifications of automation, you might find him playing Norwegian Wood on guitar wishing you'd stop burning fossil fuels.

Seriously, stop it.