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  • 2MW | Proten Farm
  • Bunnings Tender

Adrian Pang

pv engineer | data analysis

  • (B.Eng.), Solar Energy Technology/Technician
  • (B.Com.), Accounting and Finance
  • (M.Eng.), Power Engineering

Adrian is easily the smartest person at Smart Commercial Solar, he's exactly the kind of person you want designing your solar system.

He can translate a complicated problem into solvable small packets of logical parts, creating a streamlined process that allows for high quantity and quality of work.

Every function behind the analysis model is meticulously crafted, checked and tested by Adrian. He designs, monitors and tests every solution that SCS provide.

Adrian works closely with everyone in the team, he is always open  to come up with better solutions, helping engineer and realise that solution, and ultimately deliver it to real people and make a positive impact in their lives.

When Adrian isn't creating a spreadsheet that can predict the future energy usage patterns of his home, he's on eBay looking for gadgets and gizmos that increase his computing power.